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Month: July 2022

Updates to Book Series.

I will keep this brief.

Where We Belong has been taken out of the Chiller’s series. This removal was done due to it not being a horror or a thriller story like all the others. It didn’t fit. So it’s a standalone book.

The Snow White Murders is getting a direct sequel. No title yet. It has been removed from the Omega Code series as a result and has it’s own series now simply called “Sam Wolf Series.”

Dreamer has become Omega Code Book #1. Second Sight / Under A Mourning Star is now Omega Code Book #2 as those two have a direct link between them where the ending of Dreamer really does cause the beginning of Second Sight. So they are connected and canon.

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Truth or Die: Chillers #8 Released

One Host. Six Guests. Ten Million Dollars. Only One Winner.

Mr. Conrad, an ultra rich coal mining mogul, summons six party guests to his mansion in Hillsbrad, West Virginia for a friendly game of Truth or Dare. The winner of this game will receive 10 Million Dollars in cash, but what the guests don’t know is the game has deadly consequences for those who lose.

Buy it now at

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I’m Not Coming Back To YouTube or Social Media

I want to thank the true fans and friends who stuck with me throughout the years and loved my show from 2008 to 2022. I left YouTube and deleted all my stuff on May 27, 2022. It’s now July 23, 2022. It’s been almost 2 months, and I have no regrets. It was time to go.

The simple truth of the matter is I have a real life. I have a family. I have people who I take care of in real life who are very sick. I don’t want my stalkers or even fans to bother them or make their lives harder because of me. My sister had a stroke, and my father is having serious health problems now. I have to be a man and take care of both of them. This is not optional or negotiable.

To my stalkers, trolls, and a-logs. You didn’t run me off. I left on my own accord to protect my family. I took your slings and arrows for 14 years, and when people decided it was acceptable to escalate things to real-life trolling, assaults, swatting, calling jobs and harassing target’s family members over this YouTube shit is when I said that’s it. It’s over. I was going to quit at some point. It was just a matter of time.

If you see anyone out there using my name, it’s not me. Anyone you see using my name or likeness is a troll. The only communication I use now to talk to the public is my mailing list & contact form on this site. You can join my list at

I hope you can all understand why I left and have decided to stay gone. God bless you all. I hope you all live your best life, and I hope you all understand why I made this decision. If you need to contact me directly use the contact form to send me an email. I check my email at least once a week.

Thanks for the good times everyone. God bless you all. Thanks for reading.

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Jack Pierce’s Book Series Explained

The Omega Code is the story that revolves around the world of Oryx and the adventures of the people inside it. The world is split into the real world (Earth) and the dream world (Eden). All of the stories are standalone but as a whole they tell a story that is very interconnected.

Chillers is a spin off series of shorter novellas based in the world established in “The Omega Code” series but there is no need to read the main series to understand any of the Chillers books.

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Nightmare Fuel is being renamed “Chillers”

The series that was previously called Nightmare Fuel is being renamed “Chillerz” a play horror and thriller novels. I write mostly dark thrillers so I feel that name is a lot more appropriate than Nightmare Fuel which is strictly Horror. I hope you understand and will not be upset by this change.

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