Changing my life for the better

I have to admit it once and for all. I’m not well. I am in a spot where I am old, fat, tired, and heavily medicated to function daily. I am on 3 pills for anxiety, and overall I have to take 10 different drugs to sustain my life right now.

Yesterday I decided it was time to change that. I realized that at this point I have to take what I can control, my weight loss and fitness, and just let go of what I can’t aka book sales, YouTube views, clients calling the shop, etc. I can’t do anything to increase those. It’s going to happen or its not. I’ll continue writing, working at my store, and doing YouTube videos as long as I enjoy it and stop when I don’t.

One thing I can change however is my weight loss and physical health. I’m a type 2 diabetic and I’ve seen what happens when you don’t take it seriously which is you go from not wanting to walk to not being able to walk. I don’t want that for myself. I want to take the one thing I can do something about and do it. Even if I fail at YouTube, writing, or the business I run as a day job because it just wasn’t meant to be at least I CAN control my weight & overall physical health along with my finances which are well off enough now that I am not super worried about the future. I’m not rich, technically broke, but I have enough in case something happens. I’m safe & secure in that right now.

So i’m going to work on myself, for myself, and hopefully the other work I do outside of working out and eating better will come along or it won’t. I can’t change the outcome I can just keep going as long as I feel the itch and stop when the itch has been successfully scratched.

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