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Inspiration: How I Wrote 15+ Books in 4 Years

Second Sight:

I was writing a radio drama called The White Room & Norcastle. They both were turned into a full novel. In retrospect, the novel’s narrative path is a mess. It’s by far the most complex book. It was basically me trying to figure out how to write a 450-page book without studying anyone else’s 450-page book. It went to #1 in October of 2018, so I guess it did well. People seem to like that one a lot.

What can you really say about it? It was the one that sold the most, and it was the inspiration for the rest of the books. Every book has a reference or callback to Second Sight somewhere in it.

Snow White Murders:

Wrote this one second. Didn’t release it for another 2 years, even though it was technically finished in the summer of 2018. It has shifted around in my ranking. I used to think it was complete crap now I think it’s one of the best ones if not the best. The inspiration really came from me watching a lot of law & order at the time. I was obsessed with Law & Order and SVU.

I also had been talking to the devs of a game called “The Infections Madness of Doctor Dekker,” and the talks didn’t go far, but I pitched the idea of me writing a book they could use for the sequel since that game was very bookish. We never really got into any negotiations about rights or publishing because they decided to just go with The Shapeshifting Detective, but I kept writing the book.

It was done in 2 weeks. I wrote the entire thing front to back in 2 weeks. It was very easy for me to write, but it had a ton of rewrites, remakes, remasters, and all sorts of shit before I finally released it. I think I even added a Hannibal Lecter clone at one point who got scrapped. It was just a mess because I was still trying to figure out how to write a long book without adding a ton of what I called “filler,” which, in reality, is not what I thought it was.

Stephen King pads his books to the extreme, and I thought anything that wasn’t dialogue, action, or light description was filler. So I was trying to write a movie on paper and somehow make it 400 pages. It still came out great, though, even if it ran too fast.

Ghostwriter Murders:

I tried to write goosebumps for adults. It worked out well. No real memories of it beyond I was watching Are You Afraid of The Dark at the time and wrote my own episode.

Harvest The Children:

The same feeling as Ghostwriter, but I was watching The Twilight Zone when I wrote that.


I wrote that as an experiment because I had been writing big grandiose books that were full of characters, locations, and globetrotting. I wanted to write something that was just one room, 4 people, and no other scenery or plotlines. Just 4 people trying to solve a problem. Turned out to be the highest reviewed and most loved out of all my books. People really loved Condemned. The audiobook is a wonderful audio drama.

Rain on Me:

My stepfamily was really pissing me off at one point, and I just wrote a book that was a mix of me getting that out of my system, but also an experiment to see if I could write Second Sight without monsters. Instead of having ghosts, monsters, and flashback scenes like in Second Sight, write something that took what was great about the first 90 pages, aka Norcastle Saga, and do that without the monsters. It came out well. It’s the second-highest-rated book. People ate it up.

Bring Me A Dream:

I had dreams about a summer camp, where I had all these friends. I would always realize it was a dream, and right before I’d wake up, I tried to get their names and numbers to find them in real life. I can’t remember any of their names, but I was always happy to see them. Then I’d wake up and realize I really had no friends in real life at the time. It was a really depressing period. My girlfriend at the time had left me, and I was very lonely. I figured someone had to be able to relate to that. Wanting to live in a dream where everything is wonderful and perfect. Hopefully, heaven is just the dream world from my books. It would be nice to have your own little world you can create for yourself, minus the instability and negative effects that come later.

The Last Ride:

I had where people who were terminally ill would ride up in a rocket ship and burn up in space. I know that’s not real but it always bothered me because I swore I read that somewhere. It was like a space test thing, but I can’t find the article anywhere.

Where We Belong:

I was listening to Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles. I liked that idea of just a bunch of lonely people with no real happy ending. It was heart wrenching, and that book is my take on that kind of story. A group of lonely people who all go to a church at the end, just like how the song ends at a church, and they get hope but not results. That’s how life usually works. You hope for better, but it never comes.

Truth or Die:

I was watching some of those trapped-in-a-room / death game movies. House of 9, Belkam Experiment, Saw series, Cube, Would You Rather, Panic Button, etc. All of them were trash when it came to the story, and I really liked the idea of doing a follow-up to condemned that took what I liked about all those and made it good. It came out well.

Nuke Your Brain:

Had a pretentious streak. My girlfriend of 2 years had dumped me. I was very depressed and needed a book to help me through that. Nobody had a book that I could relate to, so I wrote my own self-help book to help myself. I know that makes no sense, but that’s what I did. My shrink told me I should let it all out on the page and I gave her a copy. She liked it. Thought it was very well written and would help people.

Rat Race:

Pissed off at social media. Wrote a book about it. Next.


Underappreciated. I really wish this one sold better.

There was a character in Second Sight named Jim. He was really undefined and only showed up in a few scenes inside the Eden, aka the dream world, chapters. He was a wise old man and I really liked him as a character and as a person. He reminded me a lot of my father. My dad had lost two wives to cancer and a third woman he loved before my mom to cancer as well.

So all 3 women he loved at one point died of the same thing. So I wrote it as sort of a book about him, and how he is such a strong person even through all that shit. He survived it, and he loves his kids and grandkids. So I just made an adventure for him. I was originally going to make it turn out that Jim was Rick Levin’s real father, but that never came about in the plot. I’ve also thought about Sam Wolf being Rick’s father or uncle or something. Have some type of familiar connection between all of the main characters of their respective books.

You do finally get to meet Blaine’s parents in Dreamer though. That was a really interesting scene to finally see his backstory told from yet another angle which may or may not be bullshit. Who knows… Blaine is Blaine.


I had just finished watching Scream 5 and also was deep into listening to the Stephen King’s IT Audiobook. I really wanted to combine the two and make my own thing of “what if Stephen King wrote Scream as a novel?” And that’s what I did. It was a bit of a mess, but that was on purpose. It was supposed to be stupid, meta, overly descriptive, boring in sections, and dumb as hell. That’s what Stephen King’s books are, and that’s what 90% of scream movies are. Just stupid teenage drama with a killer on the loose.

Unreleased / Work in Progress

All Her Stars is a companion book that mixes Dreamer & Bring Me A Dream. Can’t really discuss much beyond that but if you loved those, you’ll love All Her Stars.

Second Sight II. Obvious. Can’t discuss it. It would spoil the first book.

See No Evil. Sequel to The Snow White Murders. Continues that story with a new killer on the loose. It’s really good so far.

Slash II / ICU – New killer in Woodland. It may be the same one as before. Don’t know yet.

Kay is Away – I hate that book. Worst goddamn thing I’ve ever written. Absolutely horrid. Only 1 paperback copy exists and even that’s too much. Fuck that book. I unpublished it.

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