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Returning To YouTube, Retiring from Writing.

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So this may be a shocker, but I have been really considering retiring from writing books. I’ve written over 15 books since 2018. I’m happy with the work I’ve done. I just don’t see a reason to keep going at this point. It makes no financial or creative sense. I’m not deleting the books, and I will still be giving away copies to grow my mailing list. But as for new creations, I think it’s time to turn it in and call it a career. At least for now.

I’m burned out. I have no passion for it anymore and haven’t for quite some time. The one thing I am very passionate about, though, is YouTube. I’ve been a YouTube person since 2008 in various incarnations, and that’s what I want to do with my creative energy. Give you YouTube videos that’ll make you and me both happy.

I never felt better creatively than when I was doing live streams and talking to the people in chat. You people made my day, and I miss you all. I know that things will not be the same because I refuse to do drama streams again, but if you have been following me at all since 2008, I want to see you again in chat.

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