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See No Evil – Return Eden Scene Preview!

Night fell, and all of the dinner guests had gone home for the evening. Sam laid in his bed next to Jen as he stared up at the ceiling fan, which spun endlessly, rattling its chain with every rotation.
“That was nice tonight,” Jen said.
“Yeah… I think things are finally beginning to look up.”
“A lot better than they were back in Eastport, at least.”
“Yeah… let’s hope that never happens again.”
They both closed their eyes, and sleep came to them quite naturally until Sam was awakened by his cell phone ringing. He woke up and grabbed his phone, barely awake to see that the caller ID read. Unknown number. He dismissed it and tried to go back to sleep… but the phone rang again. The same result. An unknown number. He dismissed it once more, closing his eyes again, even tighter this time.
One more time, the phone rang, and his eyes were wide open. He reached over and looked at the caller ID again. It said “Unknown Number” as it buzzed in his hand. He swiped up on the call button and put it up to his ear.
“Wolf…” he said in a tone groggy enough to make the person on the other end question if he was asleep or completely sloshed.
“Help me…” a quiet and soft voice said on the other end.
“What?” Sam asked.
“Help me… Please… Don’t let them kill me….”
Sam looked at his phone, seeing the time was 2:30AM.
“Where are you?” Sam asked.
“I’m right here… I see you….”
“You see me?”
“Where are you?”
The phone crackled a bit before another voice came on. A much darker, more sinister voice. One that sounded familiar to him, but he couldn’t place who or where it came from.
“Wherever you want me to be,” the voice said as the phone beeped and hung up.
Sam rolled out of bed quickly and reached in his top drawer for his gun. A 38 snub nose he kept just in case of a break-in or something else going on. Something just like this.
He put his back against the wall and grabbed for the chain above his head that would turn on the ceiling fan. He reached and reached but felt nothing. He looked up, and there was no fan. Just a black void above him.
He took his phone, turned on the flashlight, and scanned the room. It looked the same as before, and when he looked up at the ceiling, he saw snow. Pale, white snow. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, and then another. He knew what this meant, and it meant it was all coming back. He was back in Eden.
“Goddamn it… not this again,” He said.
He kept his gun steady and walked out of the room. The door opened right into a hallway, the same hallway from the home he had left back in Eastport. The long winding hallway led into a large open living room with a kitchen at the end, only separated by a wall of wooden bars that were there for decoration.
He looked to his left and saw Abby’s door. The same door that led to her childhood bedroom. The same room she ate, slept, and dreamed in from the age of 1 all the way til 15 when they left this god-forsaken place. He peeked inside and saw her room, just as they had left it two years ago, covered in that pale white snow.
“Abby… are you in there?” he said softly.
No response. He peeked in a little farther and saw nothing out of the ordinary except for the snow, of course. He knew damn well that it wasn’t real snow. It was ash. He turned back down the hallway and went toward the living room, making his way through, checking each corner for anything, and he found nothing. Just the same old apartment covered in snow.
“Why… Why this? Why now? Why can’t this nightmare end?”
He walked to the exit door and threw it open, looking both ways before leaving. On the outside, he found a long hallway that went in two directions. Left and right. Left led to 10 doors, 5 on each side. The other way led to a stairway that went down to the lower floors.
The windows were boarded up, and the only thing he could see was bright white on the outside. He figured there was nothing out there, just another void, just like when he was dragged into Eden the first time to save Dr. Morris. Was he trapped again inside Eden? Or was this something else?
He made his way down the stairs with his gun drawn and at the bottom of the stairs he could see an old lady covered in a blue Farasha dress and a matching head dress.
“Hey… wait!” Sam said.
The woman did not stop; she simply continued away from Sam and the staircase. At the bottom lay double doors which were boarded shut with large planks and behind him led to another set of double doors that seemed a bit tilted sideways.
He followed her slowly making sure every step he took was calculated and every part of the floor would hold his weight. He had no idea what to expect on the other side of those double doors, but he knew that Eden was always full of surprises. He learned that too well back in Eastport. At that moment he realized that it really didn’t matter where he was, Eden would follow him.
He passed through the double doors and saw the woman sitting at an old piano. She played Fur Elise softly in the distance and around half way through she stopped and as she stopped Sam paused as well. She began playing again, and the sound of a church organ came out.
It was a very soft melody that repeated over and over. He knew he had heard it somewhere. Somewhere inside one of the Cyra temples from when he was just a boy.
The mellody continued and he felt at peace as long as it played. He came into the room with the masked woman and listened to her continue her impromptu concert. He listened and enjoyed every second of the music, and when she was done she looked down… and tears hit the piano keys.
Sam stood up to check on her as she stopped moving for quite some time and the tears continued to fall on the keys. When he got to her and reached out to put a hand on back to comfort her, as she did him, she simply disappeared and never returned. Where did she go?
Where did the woman who gave him so much comfort and safety go? She had abandoned him and left him all alone to be trapped within Eden all alone again. He knew he would wake up from the dream, but he wondered if the woman was ever real to begin with or if she was just the dream world playing tricks on his mind again.
He sat at the keys and attempted to play the mellody himself. The chords came out softly and simply. B Flat, F Sharp Flat, A, and E minor came softly from his hands. The notes came softly with a ghostly whisper and he felt relaxed for the first time in years. He continued to play the chords over and over with little arpeggio runs complimenting them and after what he perceived as an hour he stopped.
“That was beautiful…” A soft voice said behind him.
Sam turned to see a girl standing behind him. She was around 5’6, with medium length black hair with blue tips. She was around 25, slender, and very pretty with dark makeup. She was your typical goth girl, and for some reason he felt he had seen her before.
“Thanks…” he said.
“Did you write it?” She asked.
“I’m not sure. I just kind of let it come out naturally. Improvised really.”
She smiled.
“Yeah… Where am I?” Sam asked.
“Does that really matter?” She said.
“I’ve been here before. I know it’s called Eden, but I don’t know anything else about it. It’s the dream world. I already had one run in with this place before. This exact location too.”
“And what does that information give you? Does it bring you happiness or comfort? Comfort in knowing that this is all a dream?”
“Not really… Last time I was here it went a lot worse than it’s going right now. Last time I was dealing with hellscapes, giant black widow spiders, swarms of hornets the size of Saint Bernards. Whatever the fuck a Gloom is. It wasn’t exactly fun. I barely made it out then.”
“Well you don’t have to worry about those things anymore. That’s not the reason you are here.”
“Why am I here then?”
“To find peace… Peace within the darkness of your heart. The only way you will find inner peace and leave this place is if you find what you’ve been looking for here the entire time.”
“I came here looking for Dr. Morris. As far as I know he’s still in Eastport running his clinic.”
“Maybe it’s time you found yourself… but you have all the time in the world for that. Take care…”

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  1. Ashley Miller Ashley Miller

    Hi Jack. Stumbled upon your books and content and love it ❤️. Sorry you’re dealing with internet trolls. I know what that’s like for sure>> Try not to let them get you down. Focus on you and your talents! Look forward to more amazing work from you in the future.

    • Thank you so much Ashley. Means the world to me to hear stuff like this from fans. God bless you, and I hope you enjoy the books!

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