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Stop Watching The News!

I was going to write a book about this, but I don’t feel like writing 180 pages on this topic. So let’s just do it in one blog post. After all, most non-fiction is just a blog post with 100 pages of filler.

I was sitting at work today when I saw the hashtag #CNNIsTheNewFox come across my screen on Twitter. I rarely look at social media because it’s a waste of time that serves no purpose beyond advertising my books & other projects that need hands-off exposure. The only time I ever use it is to check my ads and adjust them every few days to make sure they are being run the way I want them.

It’s better for me to pay Facebook to spread the word for me than to spend all day grinding, hoping someone gives a shit; spoiler alert, they don’t. That’s why I buy ads and focus on other stuff. There’s no reason to grind on social media. Time is money, and a dollar a day gets me a lot more results than grinding 16-hour days trying to get the same amount of attention tweeting, making videos, and reaching out to bigger names would. Let the social media companies do their job for $30 a month, so I can work my normal job and make $30 an hour.

So what does this have to do with watching CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC? Everything. Just follow me on this journey. If you’ve read my books, you know I like to go into detail. If you need help reading this, then just go to and paste in the text from this blog post and listen while you cook or something.

I saw this hashtag and thought immediately, “yeah, right… what did they do now?” And the answer to that is? Some reporter called Trump a demagogue and is no longer working at CNN now. So people took that as “CNN is being fascist and censoring anti-trump speech.”

I’ve heard that he was already quitting that day and just wanted to have one final send-off jab at the orange man in question, but I really don’t care if he got fired or quit. I don’t watch CNN. The only news I ever watch once in a while is Tucker Carlson with my dad. Don’t hate on dad just yet. He’s also important to this story.

So my dad is a very level-headed man. He’s very intelligent, reads constantly, and could give you a lecture on basically any topic except technology. That’s my job. Explaining technology to him, but the man does only three things when he’s not working beyond the basics. Read books, watch sports, and take naps with his dogs that he always has in his recliner with him. If he’s in the recliner, all the dogs are in their own individual spots with him sleeping.

My father is also a Christian man. Not a fire breathing; you’re going to hell if you disagree with me type. He’s just a man who wants to live his life the way Jesus did by being a good person, being charitable, and making sure everyone is taken care of to the best of his ability. He never preaches and barely watches the news, but when he does, he gets mad. I get mad too. Probably more angry than he does.

I can tell that Tucker Carlson has a massive bias against the left, so can he, but the left-wing journos at CNN and MSNBC are so ridiculous it’s like a clown show. Constant whining about Trump, his supporters, and white people. It’s a big joke. Tucker isn’t much better in the opposite direction, but at least his show has some variation beyond “orange man bad” for an hour.

If I do get a chance before he turns on Tucker, I will try to redirect him to something less infuriating, like How It’s Made or Sports. I like boxing, hockey, basketball, American Football, all of that. Not the type of fan that buys the jerseys or has a favorite team, but I enjoy watching sports for an hour while I’m eating dinner. It’s relaxing and fun watching a game. You get excited when a great play is made and upset when your team is losing, but it’s fun.

The news is not fun. At all. It’s literally designed to piss you off. Here’s where we get into the nitty gritty of this rant. The news is not good for you, it’s literally outrage porn. It has no value at all. As my best friend Sunny would say, it’s “intellectual junk food.” It’s not good for you, makes you feel like shit, and you watch it anyway because you think, “well, it’s food, and it’s there… no need to cook it or do anything. Just open the bag and eat.”

That’s why the news works. It’s literally a soap opera. Did you know that some soap operas have THOUSANDS of episodes? Do you know how that works? They take a problem, and they explore the same problem over and over again where you think it will eventually be solved… next week. Then next week comes, the problem is still there. It might have gotten slightly better or worse but still not solved… until next week. Rinse, repeat, ad nauseum.

The news is a CYCLE. It’s literally called a CYCLE, because that’s what it is. A cycle just spins around and around. Never goes anywhere. Just keeps going around and around until it stops or goes back the other way. Let me try to make this easier to digest.

Immigration at the southern border is a big problem for both sides. It’s brought up constantly on CNN and Fox News. It’s a divisive issue, but I’m not here to give an opinion on that. Just a simple truth. The US Border Patrol started in 1924. That was almost 100 years ago.

We have been bitching about the same problem since AT LEAST 1924. There are even sources that say it started in the late 1800s. Nothing has been done, but the news is always “monitoring” that situation. It’s on their cycle. It’s part of the wheel that keeps spinning, making them a money factory.

So the problem has never been solved by any president in almost 100 years, even though we have a police organization that’s only job is to guard said border. Great. I’m sure tonight is the night where Tucker Carlson will tell us it’s over. Joe has finally done it and fixed the problem, and it’ll never come up again! Good luck with that. No news topic falls off completely. It’s just put away in a cabinet until they think it’s relevant again.

Different problem. Drugs. That’s another favorite of Fox News and CNN. Talking about the drug crisis and how it’s killing so many people every year. What are we gonna do about it? The same thing we do about all our other news cycle problems. Nothing. Just whine about it and then say we’ll keep you posted as we “monitor” that situation too.

Are you seeing a pattern yet? The news organizations aren’t in the news business. They are in the advertising business. The same business that social media is in. You don’t pay to use Twitter… but people like me pay Twitter to show you ads for my books or other projects. Your data, your attention, and the information that you feed the beast are what give me the ability to show you my books.

Is it nefarious? Am I paying them to brainwash you into making you want my books or videos in your feed? No. I pay them, so you know they exist as an alternative to the stuff that’s already huge and doesn’t need as much if any, advertising.

It’s there because the system does not encourage growth. YouTube’s algorithm is impossible to crack, and they change it often. Why? Because it’s pay to win. Same with social media. It’s pay to win. If you want a big following, you need to get lucky or pay for it out of pocket. Usually both.

The same goes for the news. You hear all this firebrand stuff from Tucker or Joye Reid, and after they are done with one segment of the same shit you’ve heard 50x this week, they go to the same ten commercials you see every night.

How many times do I have to watch Mike Lindell talk about his pillow, coffee, slippers, mattress topper, sheets, and all this other overpriced shit he is shilling? Every Tucker ad break is the same thing. Mike Lindell shilling his overpriced Chinese garbage. That pill commercial where they claim to have all your vegetable vitamins in one convenient pill that costs 40 bucks on Amazon! It’s snake oil! That’s what they sell. Snake oil.

But that’s what the news is. It’s the same 5-6 topics told over and over. They bring out the same topics, same interview guests, same shit over and over. It’s cookie-cutter and processed for maximum impact on you. No problem is ever solved. They are always monitoring the situation. There is no fix in sight because why would you work yourself out of a job?

If the republicans or democrats ever fixed any problem, then what would they run on every 2-4 years? If they fixed the problems, what would the news cover? If the politicians have nothing to fix, and the news has nothing to say, then the people who fund both have nothing to work with, and the advertising bucks dry up.

It’s a grift. It’s literally made to piss you off, so you come back tomorrow to see if it got fixed, but it never does get fixed. That’s the bottom line. It’s literally made to make you miserable. Here’s the amazing thing I’ve noticed, though. It’s not only a cycle. It’s more of a web. This is a crude way of putting it, and I don’t know how to draw, so I will tell you the basic process in text form.

The news has a problem they bitch about

You watch it and get mad

Then you talk to your friends or take to social media to bitch about the problem too.

That problem is now being fixed or worked on by some activist groups from either side.

You go out and talk about that organization for good or bad which spreads the word.

You donate to that organization, whether it be time or actual money.

Another organization pops up to be anti-organization.

The news reports on the happenings with said organizations, good or bad

That pisses you off some more.

Then you watch the news again. You get mad again. The cycle repeats.

The problems aren’t meant to be solved. The news is only there to do three things. Piss you off, make you go vote for their guy, and get your ad bucks. It’s an addiction, just like social media is. It’s time to stop watching the news and go do something more positive. Play with your kids, the dog, go call an old friend, put in some overtime, or just watch the ball game. Anything is better than sitting there getting more miserable because Tucker or Joye has the new outrage to sell you.

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